Renters' Home Energy Program

The free Renters’ Home Energy Program is an easy way to help you make energy choices. Get expert advice, in person or on the phone. Learn the best actions you can take to make your rental home more comfortable and reduce your energy use and costs.

About the program

The Renters’ Home Energy Program is a free and easy way to:

  • save on your home energy bills
  • get tips on the quickest, cheapest and best ways to reduce energy use
  • make your home more comfortable without using more gas or electricity.

It also helps you reduce your impact on the environment.

Who can take part

The program is for anyone living in a rented home in the ACT.

If you own a home or rental property in Canberra, you can use the online tool or visit the Sustainable Home Advice Program.

If you're a pensioner or concession card holder, learn more about the Low Income Household Program.

How it works

You can choose to get a free home energy assessment and expert advice online, by phone or in your home.


The Renters’ Home Energy Webtool is a series of online questions. It takes about 30 minutes to complete.

It'll ask straightforward questions about your home. You'll get a tailored list of actions you can take to make your home more comfortable and to reduce your energy use and costs.

Phone or at home

Would you prefer an independent energy expert to do the assessment with you? They'll call you or come to your house to do a free 60-minute home energy assessment.

The expert will talk through each part of the home with you. They'll suggest actions you can take as a renter to make your home more energy efficient.

To book, please contact us.

Our contractor, the Australian Energy Foundation will do your assessment on our behalf.

If you can’t book online, please contact us.


The Renters’ Home Energy Program is free.

Why it's important

Household energy use contributes about 20% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn how to save money on your energy bills, while helping the planet.

The program will help you learn what you can do to reduce your home energy use and costs.

Gas and electricity are the main types of energy used in Canberra homes. As a renter, you may not have a choice of heating, cooling, cooking or hot water systems, but there are still many actions you can take to reduce your energy costs.

The ACT is committed to net zero emissions by 2045. One way to help reach this goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from household energy. It'll ensure a cleaner, greener future for everyone in Canberra.

Contact us

You can book a home energy assessment by:

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